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Original series: Prophecy Boys. 11—Trouble Maker, 44—Coffee. Rebelling

Title: Rebelling
Author: sumthinlikhuman
Disclaimer: I own Hector and Jonas, even if they don't believe me. They're just silly little boys anyway.
Theme: 11—Trouble maker, 44—Coffee
Fandom: Prophecy Boys, original series
Pairing: Hector Selman/Jonas Clements, establishing
Rating: G

Jonas' mother didn't like the fact that Jonas liked to spend weekends at Hector's apartment in down-state New York. She, like his brothers, he it fixed in her head that Hector was going to do something to Jonas, that she might hurt him in some way. But Jonas always assured her, “He wouldn't hurt me; he knows what it's like,” which never seemed to reassure her.

After the third weekend—and with only two hundred forty-six days to live—Jonas decided that it was time to do Number Thirteen on his list of tasks.

“'Rebel'? Well, that's pretty open ended.” But Hector was smiling a little bit, and handed the legal pad back. “You can mix that in with a couple of others, can't you? Don't you have 'Give Up Religion' somewhere on there?”

“Number Four-oh-Five,” Jonas responded proudly. Hector shook his head over the fact that Jonas had his list memorized, and inquired as to how Jonas was planning to 'Rebel'.

For a while, Jonas simply thought about it. Then, with a wicked grin, he said, “I'll move in with you.”

Hector choked on the sip of coffee he'd been taking, and coughed hoarsely into his napkin. This drew quite a few interested looks from the other coffee-shop patrons, but Jonas just smiled at Hector and asked what, exactly, the problem was.

Hector just shook his head and said in a decisive—if still slightly hoarse—voice, “No.”

“Why not? I practically live with you anyway. We sleep in the same bed as each other”—and Hector blushed a little at that, taking a more conservative sip of his coffee—“And . . .” He trailed off, blushing a little bit himself.

Hector, cautious, said, “And?”

“And I really like you.” Hector looked just about ready to choke on his coffee again—“I am so totally never drinking around you ever again, kiddo.”—and stared evenly across the table at the young leukemia patient.

“How, exactly, does all this fall under 'Rebel'?”

“Mom would have a fit if she knew I wanted to live with another guy. I mean, her and Dad were okay when I told them . . . but they never really thought, you know, that anything would happen. What with . . . everything.” Jonas didn't expect Hector to make much of that, and from the look on his face he hadn't. He smiled a little and said, “It's like this: I'm Catholic. You're a guy. My mom would have a fit if I moved in with you. Therefor, I'm rebelling.”

“You,” Hector uttered, pointing across the table at Jonas as he picked up his coffee mug for another drink, “have the weirdest logic of anybody I've ever met.”

“It's why you love me.”

Hector choked on his coffee again. Jonas smiled innocently.
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