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Yuugiou. Theme 052: Jewel. Little Treasures

Title: Little Treasures
Themes: 052 - Jewel
Fandom: Yuugiou
Disclaimer: Yuugiou belongs to Takahashi Kazuki. I'm simply borrowing them for the moment.
Pairing: Touzoku'ou Bakura x Jyonouchi Katsuya (wrapshipping)
Rating: Somewhere between T and M
Notes: Heh, this is kinda stepping backward a bit. A little dark-ish but nothing like Endings.

The silence was always comforting to him after. During, in the dark hours of the night, it was difficult to keep quiet. His beloved was well educated in eros, it seemed, and his body was more than willing--more than eager--to learn.

After, though, when he'd found blissful release in his lover's embrace, the silence was welcome. Silence meant that they were still safe, still free. It was accented by their quiet breathing, by warm kisses dropped upon his face, by the non-sound of his fingers combing through his thief's hair.

Once in the silence of after, he'd been called most precious treasure and had one of his love's many rings, one set with a small red gem, slipped onto his index finger. He never removed it, only turning it in moments of nervous worry.

He remembered, now, wearing it when he died.

He had not yet told his love, worried that the news of his restored memory of that moment would trouble the elder. Instead, he continued to feign ignorance of that instant of his previous life, and ceased asking about it. The memory probably haunted the other; for him it answered oh so many question about how he lived his life now.

But the silence after remained a comfort. And after his king had surrendered to Orpheus' call, still joined with him intimantly, he would run his fingers through silver-white hair and absently wonder if his long-buried shell still wore Bakura's ring.

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