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100_themes challenge - Theme 038: Shell - "whispering ghosts"


Title: whispering ghosts
Author: dattabayo
Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater.
Theme/Challenge #: 038: Shell
Fandom: Soul Eater
Pairing: Soul/Maka
Rating: T

She screamed her heart out as he fell to the ground, slashed with the knife that this monster had pressed to her throat moments before. She screamed so loud that it deafened her, pounding in her ears like some forsaken curse. She tore herself from the monster's grasp, not ripping her eyes from the boy on the ground some few meters away and barely noticing how the thing that held her hostage was immediately wrapped in warped chain and embedded with bullets.

Silence was heavy on the world as she opened her mouth again, flying to his side, covered with her own blood as rain poured down from above them. Behind her, there was bloodshed and battle, but she could hear none of it as her collapsed to her knees beside him, tears coursing down her face in rivers, regardless of the vibration of thunder from the heavens.

The boy before her grasped the handle of the knife in his chest, and the pain in his face was that of a martyr. With one mighty tug, he pulled it out of the hole it had made, casting it aside with sharp clatters. She clutched his bloody hand, yelling his name over and over and over again, his wide crimson eyes scaring her so much she was trembling. Slowly, he turned his head to look at her, blood dribbling out of the corner of his mouth and joining the splatter around him, staining his shock-white hair in the night.

She sobbed harder, pressing her lips to his hand as sound began to return to a quiet world, for the battle was done and there was nothing but the pain in both of their chests. The others watched on with tears of their own running down their warrior faces, but none of them could compare with her own racking cries.

He looked at her, something hidden in his deep red eyes, and he coughed, blood decorating her clothes and face. She called his name softly, the siren of her voice reaching her own ears this time.

"Soul, please...Come on, Soul..."

He closes his eyes for a moment and it scares her, her knuckled white as she gripped his hand tightly before they opened again, halfway this time. But there was no stopping it, no slowing the crimson drops leaking from his mouth and pulsing through his chest. Somehow, his red lips formed the syllables of her name.


She shut her eyes tightly for a second before reopening them, her green eyes waterlogged and pained. "Soul, please, don't leave me, please..."


He had nothing to be sorry for, and as she told him so, a wet chuckle rumbled through his damaged chest. " have no..." He coughed again, a smirk still on his face. " clue..."

She was losing him, the one thing she was certain she couldn't live without. He looked at her with such emotion then, and pulled at her hand, forcing her to come closer. As her lips crashed down on his, the taste of blood was distinct in both of their mouths as this last act of partnership, passion, and love ended so reluctantly, so perfectly.

He kept her close and neither of them moved as he whispered last words, sweet nothings and so many apologies she'd never understand into her ear, her tears dripping onto his face as he drifted away from her forever.

And then, just like that, she was lost inside the crowd that had gathered around the two of them, still
there but only a faded memory, an empty shell, the girl who once had someone to always trust, to always depend on. She screamed for him until she could do so no longer, because maybe he could still hear her and her cries of undying desperation. Maybe he could still find her here, still see her still clutching his limp hand and come back to her, somehow, past the demons of darkness and evil.

Days later, she would run her fingers over the keys of his piano, playing something she'd heard him hum to once when they were together, two souls intertwined as one. Dusty, beaten sobs would escape her as her fingertips brushed over the ivories, the whispers of unwanted ghosts cradling her in barren song. Sometimes, she would see him standing there next to her, laughing at her misguided attempt to play the melody she was so fond of, his hand covering hers as he showed her the way.

Because she had loved him more than he could have ever known.


Hear me, I'm cryin' out, I'm ready now...
Turn my world upside down, find me

I'm lost inside the crowd, it's getting loud
I need you to see, I'm
screaming for you to
Hear me, hear me

Can you hear me?
Hear me...

( - kelly clarkson)

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