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Yu Gi Oh! Theme #021; Quiz. Theme #68; Smile. Simplicity

Title: Simplicity
Author/Authoress: reya_chan
Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns these two.
Theme/Challenge: 021: Quiz, 068:smile
Fandom: Yu Gi Oh!
Pairing: Yami no Yuugi x Yami no Bakura
Rating: PG for a slight peck :)

''Okay, now 'A thing worn on your head' .'' Yami looked at Bakura expectingly, lightly taping the pencil against his head.

''A hat?'' Bakura reversed the question.Was Yami getting dumber every day now?

''Your right!'' Yami exclaimed happily. ''I'm done!'' He smiled widely and threw the quiz and pen on the table.He slowly walked to Bakura giving him a light peck on the lips.

''Thank you!'' he bounced and hopped into the kitchen.

A blush crept on Bakura's cheeks.
Tags: 021, 068
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