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Soul Eater. Theme 090: Word. Unrepented and Neverending

Title: unrepented and neverending
Author: dattabayo
Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater.
Theme/Challenge #: 090: Word
Fandom: Soul Eater
Pairing: Soul/Maka
Rating: T

She's not listening as he grips her shoulders tightly, too afraid to let go and not brave enough to come any closer. She's crying, she's mad, heartbroken and he doesn't know why. He doesn't understand what she's upset about and that in itself makes her cry harder.
Then she says it, and his hold on her freezes in grid-lock. Something must have made her say that, because the girl he loved would never, ever say that and they both knew it.
He somehow finds his voice, however weak, asking what did he do because if anything he wants to fix it, just so she'd laugh and smile and fall into his arms again, but she's not answering and it's breaking his black, tainted heart.
She sobs hard and shakes her head, looking at him with the most beautiful green eyes he's ever seen, and in them he sees that she still loves him with all her soul. He's desperate, he wants to fix this and that means the world to her. He remembers every little thing about her, about them and he doesn't want that all to disappear when and if he ever lets her go.
He doesn't question whether it was worth it because every last fiber of his being knows that it was, no matter what happens now. Every laugh, every touch was worth it and nothing will ever change that.
Her blonde hair is falling loose around her face and he can't help but tell her she's beautiful, because she is and who was he to not voice it? She tenses, her violent shaking finally stopping in its tracks as she gazes up at him. He stares right back with wide eyes because he's not sure if this hurt her even more or if he just shattered what could have been repaired.
She bows her head and cries again, and he doesn't know what to do. Then she leans into him and he leans back, resting his head on hers as she chokes out that she's sorry, that it was never his fault but he says nothing, wrapping her in a tight embrace and crushing her to him. Though she says it wasn't about him, it is now because it was about her, and they were in this together, no matter what. He's going to help her all he can with this mess and there's nothing she can do to stop him. He's going to fight this demon that's causing her all this pain, this agony because he can't bear seeing her like this.
His tears wet her hair as they leak from his eyes because now he knows that she's not leaving and it comes with the biggest wave of relief. Her arms are around his waist as her tilts her head up to press her lips to his cheek, just like all the years before.
"I'm sorry," she says, and everything feels right again. He chuckles into hair, inhaling the scent of her shampoo but there is silence before anyone says anything more.
Then he speaks, because she needs to know this and he needs to tell her because who cares about his coolness factor anymore? It's just him and her and that's all that's really important. "I love you."
She's crying still, but he can feel her smile through his shirt as she repeats it back to him and he knows that this wasn't over, this wasn't the end of the best seven years of his life.
Because she was still here, and he was never letting her go.
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