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100 Themes
[One-Hundred Challenges]

Welcome to 100 themes! The community for all writers and artists everywhere! We'll try to keep this as low-pressured as possible; all we want is for everyone to have fun with these challenges and develop further skills in both writing and art. Everyone is welcome to participate. This can be from anything: movies, video games, anime/manga, tv shows, and, of course, books.

Feel free to join if you just want to read the fanworks. Not everyone here has to participate in the challenges.

The Themes:

These themes are free to be interpreted as however you'd like.

001: Savings box
002: Lip cream
003: Photograph
004: Plaster (Bandaid)
005: Oil, Sex/One's Nature Magic
006: Traveling abroad
007: A group of shooting stars/falling stars
008: Ball game
009: King
010: Burn
011: Trouble maker
012: Vacuum cleaner
013: Kiss
014: Muscular training
015: Young leaves mark
016: Hypnosis: A sticker for new car drivers. (In Japan, new drivers put a special sticker on their car indicating that they are new)
017: The Duty of Siblings
018: Straight perm
019: Rest one's head on a person's lap
020: Contract
021: Quiz
022: Emotion
023: Castle in the sky
024: Hay fever
025: Pierce
026: Body fat
027: Soap bubbles
028: Secret
029: Thing left behind
030: Blood
031: Glasses
032: Homemade
033: Punishment
034: 2-seater
035: Memory loss
036: Glasswork
037: Experiment
038: Shell
039: Playing House
040: Rope
041: The falling of cherry blossoms
042: Wing
043: Tactician
044: Coffee
045: Legend
046: Homecoming (Visiting One's Parents)
047: Individual Lesson
048: Ruggedness(Even irregularity is possible. )
049: color
050: Candy
051: Dirt
052: Jewel
053: Chocolate of starting melt
054: Miracle
055: Pet
056: Chain
057: The Ability to Live
058: Sake (As in the alcohol)
059: Old money
060: A silence
061: Shyness
062: Time limit
063: Fortune-telling
064: Rejection
065: Calendar
066: Shoulder learning by experience
067: Childhood friend
068: smile
069: Aspect combination umbrella
070: Ice
071: Mark
072: Women's bathing suit
073: Flower language
074: Afro
075: Oath
076: Magic
077: trick
078: Mercy, Earthquake
079: China dress
080: Can be either "nut," "fruit," or "berry"
081: Contact lens
082: "Why?" (or "What for?" and "darou" is "I guess," or "probably" so... "I guess it's for...")
083: Black tea
084: World of Dreams
085: Study orchis
086: Holiday
087: Virtual image
088: Clock
089: Fallen Angel
090: Word
091: Crown
092: Person of fictitious
093: Indirectly
094: Good-bye.
095: Assistance
096: Sunlight streaming through the trees
097: The common cold
098: Cloud
099: Voice
100: 365 days

The Rules

Before you post, please make sure you read the following. Failure to read any of the rules will result in a warning. If you fail to follow the rules after that, you will automatically be banned from the community.

1) You may claim anythihg you'd like! If you want to claim a character from the series (ex: Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist), or just want to write for a series in general, feel free to take something! Remember, you may only have two claims at a time.

2) When claiming a pairing: You may claim up to two pairings at the most. This inculdes triangles as well. However, just because a triange is taken, doesn't mean that another person can't claim another pairing in the triangle! (For example; if you choose something like HarryxHermionexRon; another person may still choose HarryxHermione) But, if you claim two different pairings, they must be from two different fandoms. That means claiming one Harry Potter coupling, or one Lord of the Rings coupling. Again; it can go up to love triangles. No more than three people may be contained in your claim.

2) If you claim two different pairings, make sure you do the 100 different themes for each pairing. That way, it's fair to everyone.

3) Collaborations are allowed, but, keep it to at least two different people working on these themes. The couple you two do will count as one for each of you.

4) Please try to do at least one theme every four weeks. That way, I can know you're still updating on your themes. Failure to do this will result in the pairing being taken away and given to someone else.

5) Both art and writing is available for these themes.

6) Again, feel free to interpret the themes as you like; just as long as it has the genre romance in the theme. That's one of the challenges of this community! We'd like this to be a bit like the 30_kisses community, where each theme must have some sort of kissing involved. It doesn't matter if it's your couple kissing one another; it can be two other people. (But it has to have the basis of what couple you've claimed)

7) Homophobes are not welcome here. Please keep an open-mind if you're going to join.

8) Incest is welcome among claiming pairings, too. It can be anything and everything, so long as it's a couple!

When Posting a fanwork...

Make sure you include:
Theme/Challenge (both number and theme title)

Also, when titling your work, please follow this pattern.
Fandom. Theme. Title.

Here's an example:
Prince of Tennis. Theme 1; savings box. Money Earned.

Also, please set taggs onto your entires as well. Note than when entering numbers into the tag box, use "095" instead of "95", use "006" instead of "6". This is because without using three-digit numering, the numbers will be mixed when you search for them.

If you're using more than one theme at a time, use "095, 006" with a space after the comma.

019, Prince of Tennis.

For more questions, check this entry or go bother chiharu, the mod who was crazy enough to set the system up.

Claimed Couples:

66.6 Tips for the Economical Villain (Original series):
Tasokur Asaren x Sedaiyu of Madhare: lasakura

Angel Sanctuary:
Setsuna Mudou x Sara Mudou: nightsky_angel

Avatar: the Last Airbender:
Aang x Katara: memlu

Bakuten Shoot! Beyblade:
Kai x Tala: lockjaw
Rei Kon x Kai Hiwatari: mistress_grim
Kai Hiwatari and Takao Kinomiya: natea21
Kon Rei x Kinomiya Takao: jou_kai_mokie
Yuriy x Boris: ladyfiction

Battle B-Daman:
General Series: akumanakoi

Ichigo x Rukia: autophanous
Rangiku x Gin: stardust_rain
Shiba Kaien x Hisagi Shuuhei: shuugasmer
Shiba Kaien and Kuchiki Rukia: itallgoeshere
Ukitake Jyuushirou x Shunsui Kyouraku: icefalcon

Card Captor Sakura:
Kinomoto Touya x Tsukishiro Yukito: fairymage
Kinomoto Sakura x Li Syaoran: vampyre_dork

Chrono Trigger:
Magus x Flea: ashkaztra

Muspellheim x Niflheim: gullinkambi

Darkness, Light, and All the Things in Between
Kilimari x Troy: silver_wind29

Demon Diary
Eclipse x Raenef V: suqua

Devil May Cry:
Vergil x Dante: dagger_maxwell

Kanda Yuu x Allen Walker x Rabi: akusai
Random sack of Potatos (all pairings): chiharu

Motomiya Daisuke x Ken Ichijouji: li_bii

Niwa Daisuke x Harada Riku x Dark Mousy: lucathia_rykatu
Dark x Niwa Daisuke: suicide_greetin
Daisuke x Satoshi: krystal_ice

Dragonball Z
Buruma Briefs x Vejiita Briefs: selenityjade

Raphael x Michael: kerrin

End of Rope (original series):
Kaname Hayato x Kaname Chidoru: desertyoukai

Final Fantasy VI:
Leo x Kefka: ashkaztra

Final Fantasy VII:
Main Party: deviatesellen

Final Fantasy VIII:
Vincent Valentine x Lucretia: kehrli

Fruits Basket:
Kagura x Kyo: shyunpo

Fullmetal Alchemist:
Roy Mustang x Edward Elric x Alphonse Elric: tsukitaichou
Roy Mustang x Maes Hughes x Edward Elric: asieluniversity
Edward Elric x Alphonse Elric: miiko_ashida
Envy x Edward Elric: katsuko
Jean Havoc x Kain Fury: swivelchair
Ling x Lan Fan: gamera
Riza Hawkeye x Jean Havoc: dana_fields
Roy Mustang x Alphonse Elric: animethief92
Roy Mustang x Edward Elric: care

Gakuen Alice:
Hyuuga Natsume x Nogi Luca: card_mistress

Gundam SEED:
Dearka Elthman x Yzak Jule: yzak
Mwu and Murrue: djablesse
Shinn Asuka x Lunamaria Hawke: fallen_xiah

Golden Sun 2:
Felix x Picard: arivess

Gundam Wing:
Heero Yuy x Duo Maxwell: deity_deandra
Trowa Barton x Quatre Winner: mookiegatto

Gunslinger Girl:
Angelica x Claes: akumuness
Henrietta x Rico: vulpeculary

Mika x Tohma x Yuki: stardust_rain
Eiri Yuki x Shindou Shuichi: chakrabluwings
Seguchi Tohma x Eiri Yuki: ickle_penguin
Yuki x Hiro: mildly_deluded

Harry Potter:
Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, x James Potter: lastoftheuchiha
Sirius Black x Remus Lupin x Severus Snape: ziarenete13x
Draco x Ginny: darkhamadryad
Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy: aduro
Hermione Granger x Severus Snape: kissmagic
Sirius Black x Remus Lupin: __vingtfois

Alucard x Sir Integra Hellsing: kehrli

Hikaru no Go:
Touya Akira x Shindou Hikaru: aethrin

Hunter x Hunter:
Killua x Kurapika: raven_nightwolf
Leorio x Kurapika: lady_shikamaru

Inuyasha x Higurashi Kagome: selenityjade

Jax and Daxter:
Torn and Keira: whim

Journey: (Original series)
Adyn x Jyinn: wakuchan

Kingdom Hearts:
Sora x Kairi x Riku: friendships
Leon x Riku: chankaylore
Riku x Sora: lilc_101
Sephiroth x Leon: seikueon
Squall "Leon" Leonhart x Yuffie Kisaragi: pingy_strife

Jareth x Sarah: memlu

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo:
Franz d'Epinay x Albert de Morcerf: magelet

Love Hina:
Keitaro x Naru: able

Mai x Mikoto:

Metal Gear Solid:
Ocelot x Snake: voyevoda and innueneko

Naruto x Sakura x Sasuke: shiny_glor_chan
Anko Mitarashi x Hatake Kakashi: soyvision
Rock Lee x Haruno Sakura: the_grim_wombat
Uchiha Sasuke x Uzumaki Naruto: tsubon
Zabuza x Haku: desertyoukai

Okane ga nai:
Kanou Somuku x Ayase Yukiya: recycled_oasis

One Piece:
Roronoa Zoro x Nami: yorimichi

Only The Ring Finger Knows:
Yuichi Kazuki and Wataru Fujii: inari_k

Prince of Tennis:
Atobe Keigo X Akutagawa Jirou: lil_kuma
Atobe Keigo x Fuji Syuusuke: ranier
Atobe Keigo and Tezuka Kunimitsu: mildly_deluded
Fuji Syuusuke x Echizen Ryoma: aethrin
Niou Masaharu x Yagyuu Hiroshi: morphiria
Oshitari Yuushi x Atobe Keigo: [Unknown LJ tag]
Oishi Syuuichirou x Kikumaru Eiji: fairymage
Sanada x Yukimura: maboroshi_hime

Queen of the Outlands: (Original series)
Chaos x Alexandria: little

Rurouni Kenshin:
Saitou Hajime x Kamiya Karou: strifekun
Takani Megumi x Sagara Sanosuke dana_fields

Sailor Moon:
Tsukino Usagi X Chiba Mamoru: moonbunnie56

Dr.Nii x Kougaiji: nesiax
Goku x Sanzo: malvagitabella
Sha Gojyo x Cho Hakkai: shattterheart

Shaman King:
General Series: moonlit_curse
Asakura Hao x Macchi x Nichrome: chiharu
Asakura Hao x Asakura Yoh: dyaoka
Asakura Hao x Kyouyama Anna: lasakura
Asakura Hao x Macchi: sevetenks
Asakura Hao x Iron Maiden Jeanne: lilc_101
Asakura Hao x Tao Ren: opaquecelestite
Asakura Yoh x Kyouyama Anna: sakura_star69
Asakura Yoh x Tamamera Tamao: nice_banana
Marco x Lyserg Diethyl: vriska
Usui Horokeu x Tao Ren: xladysapphirex

Lex Luthor x Clark Kent: zanshi

Spirited Away:
Chihiro x Haku: _black_narcissa

Star Ocean 3:
Fayt x Albel: jurhael

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shougainai!!:
Nagase x Gaku: silverchaos

Suikoden II
Shu x Riou: goodnight_hyatt

Haruka x Ichinomiya Kantarou: milky_haven

Tales of Symphonia:
Kratos x Lloyd: arivess
Kratos x Zelos: windowmaiden
Lloyd x Corlette: moonlit_curse
Sheena Fujibayashi x Raine Sage: lightbulby

Teen Titans:
Raven x Beast boy: _black_narcissa
Robin x Raven: snarky_jargon

Tokyo Mew Mew:
Keiichiro Akasaka x Ryou Shirogane: wingalinged

Legato Bluesummers x Midvalley the Hornfreak: psykaos42

Tsubasa Chronicles:
Kurogane and Fai: andreaphobia
Princess Tomoyo x Kurogane: clarinetkoko
Syaoran x Sakura: sansele

Twelve Kingdoms:
Rakushun x Youko: soyvision

Tokyo Babylon:
Sakurazuka Seishirou x Sumeragi Subaru: mefiant

Urbs de Nympha (original series):
Amaretto de Lucca X Amethyst Ives: vriska

Water Streaks:
Amarus x Illyira: aservi_cioara

Weiß Kreuz:
Aya Fujimiya X Yohji Kudoh: darkmisstical
Crawford x Schuldig: purkledragon

Wild Adaptar:
Kubota Makoto x Tokitoh Minoru: yomigaere

Fuuma x Subaru: ryutsuki

Uzuki/Hyuga Ricdeau x Sigurd Harcourt: jyuufish

Yakitate!! Japan:
Kuroyanagi Ryou x Kanmuri Shigeru: delbor and kanda_yuu

Yami no Matsuei:
Saki x Muraki: sarrasi
Tsuzuki x Hisoka: swivelchair

Young Justice:
Timothy 'Robin' Drake x Kon-El: thisissirius

Ryou Bakura x Dark Bakura x Thief King Bakura: demoerin
Seto Kaiba x Hiroro Honda x Yami Yuugi: rowanandsakura
Bakura x Ryou: katia_chan
Honda Hiroto x Ryuuji Otogi: lattebayo
Jounouchi Katsuya x Masaki Anzu: strifekun
Jyonouchi Katsuya x Touzoku'ou Bakura: katsuko
Kaiba Seto x Bakura Ryou: ankhutenshi
Kaiba Seto x Honda Hiroto: chez_maltesers
Kaiba Seto x Kaiba Mokuba: praiseofshadows
Kaiba Seto x Katsuya Jonouchi: chikky2k5
Malik Ishtar and Thief King Bakura: halfthewords
Malik Ishtar x Yami no Bakura: vanessa_chan
Pegasus x Seto: gaijin_chan
Pharaoh Atemu x Yugi Mutou: lucidscreamer
Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki: abbiemills
Seto x Shizuka: typoes_sukc
Seto Kaiba x Kisara: bioplague
Yami no Bakura x Mai Kujaku: kuri_sutaru
Yami no Bakura x Malik Ishtar: sozuki17
Yami no Malik x Kaiba Seto: nefthoron
Yami no Yuugi x Yami no Bakura: reya_chan
Yami no Yuugi x Yuugi: sai_kaiba

Yu Yu Hakusho:
Hiei x Koenma x Yukina: rowanandsakura
Botan x Keiko: typoes_sukc
Hiei x Yusuke: reya_chan
Kuarama x Hiei: ladyfiction
Kurama x Kuronue: chibinohoshi

Hiwatari Kai (Bakuten Shoot Beyblade) x Jonouchi Katsuya (Yu-Gi-Oh): jou_kai_mokie
Duo Maxwell X Edward Elric (Gundam Wing and FullMetal Alchemist): animethief92
Kid Buu x Kororo (Dragon Ball Z and Shaman King): j_riddler
Kagome Higuarshi (Inuyasha) x Kaitou Dark (DN Angel): narutomonkey

Original Characters:
Zelda Martial x Valhor: chakrabluwings

Other Writing Comms:

Want to claim a pairing that hasn't been taken already? Go here.

If you want to view FaQ, go here.

If you wish to drop a pairing and/or done with the challenges, go here.

Lastly, have fun!

Community admins [chiharu, j_riddler, moonlit_curse]

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